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Are you looking for an amazing natural hairstylist? You can count on Unique Hairstyles by Madison Weals.

About Us

by Madison Weals

Founded by Madison Weals at 12 years old, she lived to sculpt amazing hairstyles for other people. 


Madison has a portfolio of amazing styles she has done, although she is very talented and can pretty much turn her hand to anything and create your perfect hairstyle! 


We can do hair for special occasions, both adults and children, children’s parties or just if you fancy a treat having your hair done to go for a meal or to be pampered ! 


Another advantage is that Madison is very good at getting young children to sit still too, having practiced on 2 years and up! 


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Previous Work

Browse our previous work below. We are able to provide hairstyles to suit what you are looking for...We will implement your vision!


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Stafford, UK

0844 884 9360


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Saturday - Sunday = 9:00 - 17:00

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